No Grade Scale Up for VUW Students, but Changes to Trimester 2 Coming

Victoria University of Wellington has ruled out an automatic scale up of grades for Trimester 1 courses “at this stage” but has committed to scrapping all examinations for the remainder of 2020. Both Otago and Auckland Universities will bump up their students’ final grades by one grade step for the first semester of this year in recognition of the disruption COVID-19 caused to learning and research.

Budget 2020 Fails to Deliver for Tertiary Students

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has unveiled the Government’s second Wellbeing Budget at Parliament today. Delivered in the shadow of a 1 in 100-year shock to the economy as a result of COVID-19, Budget 2020 sets out the Government’s planned spending for the 2020/21 financial year. The budget, titled Rebuilding Together, establishes a $50 billion COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund to be invested in jobs and the economy.

Tertiary Students Plead with Government for Universal Student Allowance

The tertiary education sector has been promised a second support package from the Government to assist in the wake of COVID-19, but students already facing financial hardship are calling on the Government to act quicker. The $133 million package recently announed by the Government doubles the amount students can borrow for course-related costs and ensures those unable to study online will continue receiving Studylink payments for up to 8 weeks.

Otago University Accuses Student Magazine of Inaccurate Reporting, Refuses to Answer Media Requests

The University of Otago is refusing to answer media enquiries from student magazine Critic – Te Arohi, citing “mean-spirited” reporting from magazine staff. On April 3, Otago University issued a statement announcing it would no longer engage with Critic for the remainder of the COVID-19 lockdown period. The University also revealed it was withdrawing advertising from the magazine.

New Sexual Harassment Response Policy Quietly Implemented

Victoria University of Wellington’s long-awaited Sexual Harassment Response Policy and Procedures came into effect earlier this year, yet many students are still unaware the finalised Policy and Procedures had been released. The new standalone policy, which provides a clear complaint process for victims, was implemented in February to align with the start of Trimester One, allowing the University enough time to train staff.

The Persecution of Uighur Muslims —What You Should Know

China’s persecution of the Uighur Muslims is thought to be one the worst human rights abuses of our time, yet very little global attention has been given to the issue. Millions of Muslims are being imprisoned, interrogated, and beaten because of their religion, with the end goal being to remove any devotion to Islam. So, who are the Uighurs and why do they matter? Here’s everything you should already know about China and it’s case of Islamophobia.
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